What Is The Best Care For Dementia Patients?

The main feature of sick people with  dementia is that they don’t control their own lives,  they cannot do daily routines, run a household without danger to life. They aren’t able to communicate with loved ones adequately, live alone without care. And what is the best care for dementia patients?
How to make living space safe for someone with dementia?Dementia Care Westminster CO

At the initial stage of dementia, a person becomes clumsy and forgetful. At the last stage he is no longer able to live alone. The danger for him is represented by: gas burner, water supply, electrical appliances, sockets, knives, medicines and household chemicals. Furniture should be located so that the patient has room for movement. He can get hurt on any sharp corners. It is recommended to lay a non-slip mat on the bathroom floor. It will not be superfluous to stock up on plastic dishes.

Features of the diet and daily regimen for dementia
A clear and well-organized daily routine is one of the important aspects of caring for dementia patients. An elderly person gets the opportunity to control his life to a minimum: get up, eat, go for a walk and go to bed at the same time. Also, the disease requires a special diet: you need to exclude fried, salty, fatty and spicy. It is better to cook boiled or steamed, focus on fruits, nuts and seafood. These are excellent natural antioxidants.

Wandering tendencies in people with dementia and how to deal with itdementia care westminster co
Experts who have devoted their lives to the study of dementia declare: patients with senile dementia live in their “own universe” and may not recognize their relatives or familiar places. Old people leave home in an unknown direction, go missing, etc. The way out in this situation is a bracelet with the data of an elderly person, his full name, with the contacts of his relatives. It is recommended to purchase a smartwatch with a transmitter.

On average, patients who have been diagnosed by a specialist live with senile dementia for 8-10 years. Relatives ask themselves the question: how to prolong the life of a loved one, while maintaining its quality. If you follow the doctor’s recommendations and establish proper care with medication, then a patient with dementia will live relatively comfortably and interestingly, even if “in his own world”

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