Types Of Home Care Services

Receiving care at home is a key step toward achieving positive health outcomes for many people. It is so important nowadays. You feel comfortable and safe! Each home health agency offers a unique set of services to the communities they serve. What types of home care services are they?

Nursing Services The best home care

Registered nurses provide in-home visits to clients of all ages. Their services include skilled assessment, planning, monitoring, treatment, symptom management and evaluation in collaboration with your physician and other members of your health care team.

Medical Social Services

Medical social workers provide psycho-social support and planning assistance for the individual and family regarding limitations of an illness or injury. Working as a member of the health care team, they offer assistance and coordination of resources, help families explore options, consider financial implications

Personal Care Services

What are the personal care services? Personal in-home care services include a wide range of both ADLs and IADLs.  These are all extremely basic and crucial needs that, if not met, would compromise a person’s ability to live safely at home on their own. Licensed nursing assistants help individuals with daily living activities and provide “hands-on” personal care. Specific duties depend on the needs of the individual.senior home care services

Homemaker Services

Homemaker services  help create a safe, clean, and comfortable living environment so that your loved one can continue living independently. Non-medical assistance is provided to clients such as help with laundry, groceries, cleaning and other routine household tasks.

Client Education & Teaching

Home is likely the most familiar setting for someone who needs end-of-life care. Family and friends can come and go freely. Care at home can be a big job for family and friends—physically, emotionally, and financially. But, there are benefits too, and it is often a job they are willing to take on. Hiring a home health agency is an option for people who need additional help.

In order to make comfort care available at home, you will have to arrange for services (such as visiting nurses) and special equipment (like a hospital bed or bedside commode).What is Medicaid?

Private Duty Care

What is a private duty caregiver? Private duty home care is just a subset of general home care.  “Private duty care” is longer term care for people who need ongoing assistance. This may include private duty skilled nursing care for people who are seriously impaired.  They may need many hours of nursing care a day, or even round-the-clock care.  Private duty care may also include personal care services or homemaker services.  Private duty care is usually paid for by individuals or families.  It is not covered by Medicare.