Types Of Home Care For The Elderly

Are you considering taking care of elderly parents at home? It is the right time to take action. Many elderly Americans would like to age at home. Who can help with it?  A family caregiver or home health aide.

There are many options for different types of home care.  If you are planning care for your parents, or if you are looking to create an effective plan for yourself, consider all options.

In-home care options vary depending on the needs of the individual.

Some elderly family members may need part-time care in their homes, others may opt for 24 hour care to support basic needs. Having a plan of action can ensure that emotional support, physical needs, and healthcare services are met.

The following are the types of home care that everyone should know about before creating their long-term care plan.

  1. These are usually “non-medical” services and can include basic companionship, housekeeping, bathing, dressing, and transportation. Some dementia care or respite care may be available, too.Medicare Westminster CO

A home care agency, like Grace Home Care Agency, provides non-medical care by employees of the agency who are screened, trained, monitored, and typically bonded and insured. There is far more safety in this model and far less potential liability for the care recipient than with a nursing registry.

2.Hospice care is a special concept of care which provides comfort and support to patients and their families when a life-limiting illness no longer responds to treatments. Hospice is an end-of-life care option  in a home or hospital. Most hospice options require someone to be with the hospice patient at all times.

How a family accomplishes hospice is up to the patient and the family. Hospice entails a range of services from nurses and mental health professionals to spiritual advisors.home care agencies near me

3.Understanding the types of care available helps families better prepare for care in the future. Adult children and elderly patients can make long term care plans with guidance from an experienced home care specialist. At Grace Home Care Agency, our team will work with you to determine the patient’s needs and develop a plan of action to best suit each family.

Our goal is to help seniors and their families feel comfortable with their care options. We offer free assessments for home care.