Private Pay

What is Private Pay Home Care?

Private pay home care is just another type of traditional in-home care. Our private pay home attendant visits you or your loved one on a regular basis and helps with day-to-day activities.

This type of in-home care can be provided by the agency or you can hire an independent caregiver. Our  home care agency provides this type of in-home care. You can also hire an independent caregiver.

Does private pay home care differ from classic home care? Yes, by the payment method. As the name “private pay” suggests, your loved one or their family should pay for home care services “out of the pocket”. Thus, you use existing savings or assets, or from a long-term care insurance policy.

overnight home care for the elderly

We offer a variety of in-home care options, from help with daily activities to skilled medical care. Our caregivers take care of you after a hospital stay, recovery from surgery, chronic or prolonged illnesses. Our home care agency has such private pay services which can help you stay in your home as long as possible.

WHY  should you choose PRIVATE PAY HOME CARE?

This type of care comes with a set of benefits.

It is Unlike Medicaid or Medicare.  They regulate the amount and types of care you receive. Private pay home care is totally manage by the patient. The customer  decides how many hours of care to get and what services to have.

Private pay services will make sure that you or your loved one’s needs are attended to 24/7.private pay benefits westminster co

Services provided by our caregivers include personal care and companionship, as well as professional nursing care.

Our caregivers are ready to work with people  with specialized conditions such as Alzheimer’s Disease, diabetes, heart failure and other chronic illnesses.

When compared with the cost of a personal care home or assisted-living facility, this type of  home care is very affordable.

Grace Home Care Agency provides exceptional and affordable private pay in-home care for your elderly loved ones to ensure they remain at home and independent as they age.  So, contact Grace Home Care Agency to make the most of benefits of Private Care!