How do you remind seniors to take medication?

How do you remind seniors to take medication?

Taking medication is never easy, and it is more difficult with seniors. However, there are many medication reminder strategies for elderly people to simplify this process. Using these methods, we can help them avoid forgetfulness and skipping. There is yet another – more dangerous problem, which is taking double doses. So, we are going to speak about some effective ways of medicine reminders for seniors.

  • Calendar: It is an old but effective way of medicine reminder for the elders. First, we should properly mark the days in the calendar. A classic wall or table calendar will do. Every time seniors take their pills they should cross over the date.
  •  Medicine reminder box: This is a helpful and useful method, especially if your seniors need to take several pills during the day. Pill boxes decrease the probability of seniors to take the wrong pills on the wrong day. We must keep pillboxes in a visible place, such as the kitchen table or near the fridge as it is easier to take medicines with a meal. Taking medicines with meals can become a routine, and you will do it automatically. Be sure to keep them away from children and pets, also, from heat and direct light.
Medication Reminder
remind seniors to take medication

Today, in this constantly developing world, hundreds of devices, mobile apps, and medicine reminder alarms, talking pill reminders can solve this problem. New medication reminder services for seniors, organizers, dispensers, planners and apps are making huge revolution in the safer consumption of prescription drugs.

Medication reminder alarms with a friendly voice can remind us to take medications. We can also add a picture of the pill in a phone or a tablet. Talking pill reminders simply and accurately will stick the senior to his regimen without missing a dose. We can achieve maximum effectiveness choosing time, date, day of the week, and the period of the day on this convenient medication reminder service for seniors.

Several multi-function daily medicine tackers organize pills for a full month, and each day can be separated into 4 sections with pill photos and doses. Medicine reminder boxes, medication reminder alarms, daily medication trackers, talking pill reminders – all of these methods actually can be quite helpful and effective. Though all these technological innovations make the life easier, a call from a friend or a family member reminding about medication time will be the best medication reminder for our seniors. 

However, to be sure that your senior is safe and sound, you can always seek companionship services. This way, companions will take care about your seniors and their well-being. And medications will never be a concern anymore.

At last, no matter what options you will choose to help your senior, just ensure their health and welfare. Health is wealth, remember!