How Do You Meal Prep For Elderly Parents?

What happens to the body in old age, the “pyramid” of nutrition, or what food an elderly person should eat, what kind of diet is optimal – we will tell you in this article.

It is very important to understand the processes that take place in the human body. When a person is 60-65 years, certain changes begin. They are not only external, but also internal. The metabolic process slows down, it takes more time to digest food, physical activity decreases.Meal Preparation for elderly parents

There is such a wonderful expression: we are what we eat. It has long been known that by changing a certain style of eating, you can change the processes that take place inside the body. There is a rather important area – this is nutrition in old age. According to all recommendations, an elderly person should consume at least 8 glasses of water per day.

In old age, you need to eat a sufficient amount of protein, because it is a drug carrier. These little trains that carry drugs. If there is not enough protein, medications do not travel so effectively through the body. Accordingly, there is no such effect from treatment. Protein should be eaten about 120-150 grams – this is fish, poultry, beef, and somewhere 2-3 servings of dairy products – a glass of milk , about 6 tablespoons of cottage cheese. This will be enough to maintain your protein metabolism at a normal level.

It is very important that an elderly person who does consume fats changes his view of vegetable fats. For example, it is better to make a salad not with mayonnaise or with fat sour cream, but with olive or sunflower oil. Because fat in large quantities in old age is not healthy. Moreover, if the food is fatty, it often leads to the development of a disease such as atherosclerosis.meal preparation for seniors in Westminster CO

Minerals & vitamins are very important, everything that supports the metabolism. Therefore, eat vegetables, fruits. For example, one banana, one apple during the day, one carrot, one tomato, one cucumber.

What else is important in meal preparation for elderly parents ? Surprisingly, physical activity is very important, because with age, the processes slow down somewhat. And in the absence of physical activity, they slow down even more. What is useful in old age? In principle, any type of physical activity that is available for health & strength.