Relative Personal Care

Relative Personal Care (RPCs) is assistance to a member in their own home in order to meet the members physical, maintenance and supportive needs. This assistance may take the form of hands-on assistance or making the beneficiary to perform a task.

Memory problems, difficulty with daily activities, multiple falls, problems with driving, forgetting medications, trouble with banking and management of the finance are warning signs for the seniors, blinds, disabled who need in-home care.

Many families reach a point when they recognize that elderly parent or relative needs help. Sometimes an elderly or ill loved one needs more than occasional assistance-they need fulltime care. 

in home personal care

Very often a member of a family, one sibling might become the personal caregiver due to circumstances, or one is selected because he or she lives closer or has fewer family responsibilities of his/her own. The beneficiaries feel better and need love, warmth of a family member and in most cases it is preferable to stay at home, get personal care in a familiar environment. Relative personal caretaker is the best home care.

The person providing care for a loved one may make a significant sacrifice: giving up a job and employment benefits. Even though most family members want to help and feel a sense of duty to care for a loved one, it is a job with heavy time commitments and responsibilities.

Relative Personal Caretaker is a family member of a person with an intellectual and developmental disability, who provides care to a person with an intellectual and developmental disability in the family home, who meets the requirements for a qualified family caregiver, and who is working through approved service program.

When the family member caregiver is employed by an agency, the agency pays the caregiver as it is considered a job or an occupation. One way of protecting the caregiver as well as the person receiving care is by putting the care relationship in writing.

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