Meal Preparation & Planning

Meal preparation is important to help elderly people maintain a healthy lifestyle. Grace Home Care  Agency provides thoughtful in-home cooking services for seniors.  We ensure you  will have the most enjoyable experience at every meal. Our caregivers help plan and make meals that match your specific dietary needs and food preferences while still tasting delicious. This can  allow your mother or father to enjoy home-cooked food that has the right nutrition, without having to do any of the work.

meal preparation for seniors in Westminster CO

What does meal preparation service include?

Our meal preparation service includes everything from planning out the menu to serving up a tasty meal. While we don’t deliver meals, our caregivers can cook whatever you feel like eating. We also consider specific dietary needs or restrictions. It’s like having your own chef at home!

What are the factors to consider when planning meals for elderly?

Before you choose a meal planning service for your loved one, there are a few questions to consider:
* How many meals will your loved one need?
* Some seniors can make some of their own cooking.
* What kind of meals does your loved one need?
* What is your budget?

What are the principles of good menu planning?

To improve food quality, household meals should be planned based on six principles; namely adequacy, balance, calorie (energy) control, nutrient density, moderation and variety.
Menu planning
is the process of deciding what you will eat for each meal, including main dishes, side dishes, and desserts. It also entails knowing how many meals to plan for and when to serve them.

What can we do for seniors during meal preparation service?

Caregivers prepare and encourage proper diet and nutrition based on each client’s individual needs. During our meal preparation service, we can: * Create meal plans
* Go grocery shopping
* Prepare food for cooking
* Cook or reheat meals
* Do the dishes
* Clean and disinfect the kitchen

What should be considered while meal preparation?

Which things should be taken into consideration? Many elderly people have dietary restrictions — diabetic diets, low-sodium diets, low-sugar diets. Our caregivers can work with the senior and their loved ones. The caregivers make a special healthy meal plan. There are heavy objects and hot appliances in the kitchen. We can prepare meals safely. We also help with cleanup to prevent the spread of bacteria.