Light Housekeeping For Seniors

There are so many house chores! Sweeping, mopping, changing light bulbs, cooking, doing dishes, raking leaves…the list goes on and on. They aren’t the heavy chores–just the light housekeeping! Nonetheless, these tasks look quite different for seniors. What they used to do with ease, can become impossible. You might see a lot of dirty dishes in the kitchen. The senior people do not have enough energy to clean as they used to. And we should help seniors to avoid unsanitary conditions. How? The seniors need some professional help at home. Our caregivers will cover a range of light housekeeping duties. We  maintain a safe and clean home for all our customers.

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What Tasks Does Light Housekeeping Include?

Doing laundry or ironing

When we buy a clothing item, its life cycle has only just started. Looking after your clothing requires you to use a high level of resources. Especially when it comes to washing clothes, we can do a number of things that make our washing more environmentally friendly.

Doing dishes

Doing dishes is not an easy task to do. Our caregivers will do their best to help senior people. We use all necessary liquids and equipment to get the better result.

Preparing meals

Figuring out how many meals to make and what to include in each meal can sometimes be tricky.
The best way is planning ahead. Our caregivers first decide on which meals you’d like to focus and which meal-prepping method fits your lifestyle.

Assisting with pet care

We can take care of your pet. You needn’t to walk and feed it. We can plan its day so that you could enjoy your day. Trust us! We provide the best home care service in Westminster CO.