Companion Care Services

Companion care has become more demanded recently. This is due to the fact, that seniors, more than anyone, need quality time and companionship. This is not about personal care only: companion care suggests emotional support, which is not less important. Socialization and emotional aspect are the most important components of the senior companion program; however, it also includes a number of tasks that will make the life easier:

Sometime companion care is even when a family friend or a relative pays a visit to socialize and help with house chores.
However, there is another – formal type of companion care. The latter is a paid service.
So, you may wonder how these services generally work. Well, usually companions will arrive regularly, according to the requirements and needs of the senior. These visits can vary in frequency – from once a week to daily.

We offer private companionship for elderly

Our personalized services are available 7 days a week, range from an hour to 24 hour visits.

Please give us a call and we will provide more information about our services.

Our seniors deserve love and attention.
Their genuine smile is a blessing!

The main purpose of private companionship for elderly, is to make their days more manageable and interesting. Especially those seniors who live alone, will benefit the most from this opportunity.
Besides, people with disabilities may have problems of mobility, which makes the simple tasks impossible to carry out. For them companionship will be a real blessing.
Also, there are elders who live with other family members that work all day long. It is extremely difficult for a caring family member to leave the beloved one without care and attention all day. Companionship services will ease their situation and give them an opportunity to work full-time not feeling anxious or guilty.


Meal Preparation & Nutrition

Laundry & Change Of Bed Lines

Grocery Shopping & Errands

Transportation To Social & Recreation Activities

Light Exercise & Outdoor Activity

Community Engagement

Travel Assistance

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