Alzheimer Care

Alzheimer Care

Alzheimer’s disease is named after Dr. Alois Alzheimer, who first described it in 1906. The causes of the onset of the disease are not fully studied. There isn’t an effective cure for this disease. The existing ones can only alleviate the symptoms. But it is impossible to recover from the disease. Over time it will progress more and more. There will come a moment of such a development of the disease that it will become dangerous to leave a sick person alone at home for various reasons. For example, dangerous to the life and health of the patient himself and those around him. A person with this diagnosis needs constant supervision.

It is in the power of close people to help their relative survive the disease not alone. Due to Grace Home Care professional caregivers elderly people with Alzheimer’s disease are provided with round-the-clock care of qualified personnel. And they also have the opportunity to communicate with other patients.

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Work closely with providers and stay involved in care! You can help ensure all care needs of the person with Alzheimer’s are being met. Socialization and positive attitude. Depression, stress, loneliness accelerate the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore, communication, self-realization for older people is no less important than for young people.

Full medical care and health control 24 hours a day (accompaniment, assistance in eating, carrying out hygiene procedures). Sports and physical activity. Let it not be an hour long workout, but just regular physical activity. Such as walking, exercising, physical activity.

Caregivers should treat a whole person, not a patient. To help providers do this, familiarize them with the needs and history of the person with Alzheimer’s. Tell them the person’s place of birth, childhood memories, family stories, favorite hobbies, occupation, likes, dislikes, and morning and evening routines.